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Learn Hypnosis

You will learn in Hypnosis seminar :

  • What is Hypnosis, Myths about Hypnosis and how it works? Conscious mind and subconscious mind. How subconscious mind is programmed?
  • How to go into self-hypnosis instantly.
  • How to give positive suggestions to make positive changes in your subconscious mind?
  • How to identify your negative blocks and release them?
  • How hypnotic anesthesia is used to control pain?
  • Hypnotizing others, Instant and Rapid Inductions techniques
  • Learn how to teach self-hypnosis
  • Find the cause of the problem and releasing it.
  • Using Imagery for Healing - you will learn how to create imagery to solve your problems.
  • Distance healing - how to heal someone from distance?
  • NLP Techniques :

  • Developing Rapport with others thru eye to eye contact - You will learn how to make other people like you and trust you within 90 seconds. -
  • Goal Seting - In this exercise, you will learn to formulate goals and program your subconscious mind, in such a way that your mind start moving towards your goal.
  • Circle of Excellence - This is powerful NLP techniques to gain instant conficence for future events and situations in life.
  • Remove fear or Phobia - You will learn to remove your fear and phobia.

  • Psychic Power:

    Past Life Regression :- You will learn how to guide yourself to vivid memories of your past life and thereby gain an understanding of the past lives.

    Miracle Manifestation :- You will learn to program your subconscious mind to expect the positive miracle happen to you.
    Locking Up :- In the final session every thing you have learnt will be locked in your mind, so that you can recollect them whenever you need them.