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The Myths

  • Hypnotist can control my mind, make me do anything and reveal all my secrets.
  • This has been one of the major myths, which keeps many a suffering people, away from hypnotists. Unfortunately, the television programmes have really exaggerated this myth. It is known that not all the people are susceptible to hypnosis and that no hypnotist, however clever and crafty, can take over your mind and make you do things that go against your will.

    The truth is that, a hypnotised subject is more alert than a normal person. He is completely conscious of his surroundings. The subject has complete control over him and will not reveal any secrets or do anything until he wishes to." If you deeply resist going into this state, then there is little a hypnotist can do."

  • A trance is a state of complete loss of consciousness.
  • A 'trance' by many people is understood as complete loss of consciousness wherein the subjects doesn't know what is happening around. Infact, as stated earlier, a subject is more aware and not necessarily will fall asleep.

  • If the hypnotist leaves me in the trance and goes away, I will never be able to get out of the trance.
  • This is one of the inherent fears that many a subjects have. This again is purely an untrue statement. A subject always is alert and has complete control. Often if the hypnotist merely leaves the room, the subject invariably gets out of the trance as the rapport between the hypnotist and the subject is invariably broken.

  • Only a weak minded person can be hypnotised.
  • “Concentration is the key to hypnosis. The better you can concentrate, the better you can go into trance." Hence, the truth is that only a person who is strong minded can be hypnoitised.

  • A man can become a hypnotist only if he has a dominant personality and has special powers.
  • It’s not true that only a person with a dominant personality can become a hypnotist. The hypnotist does not possess any mystical or special powers. He simply has learned the technique of inducing a hypnotic state.